About Organized Power

Collaborative Information Platforms

Organized Power provides technology, training and consulting to empower working people and community organizations. We design and build “collaborative information platforms” using a wide array of freely available social media and web technology resources. This technology allows you to manage all aspects of your union, cooperative or community organization. It enhances collaboration, communication and organization within your internal team and with your outside partners, contractors and associates.

Organized Power: Focus, Planning, Training, Action

Organized Power delivers tools & training to empower you, your people and your organization.

  • Technology
    Develop & Deploy

    Whether you’re on the job, organizing for your union or connecting with your community, collaborative technology can help you achieve spectacular results.


  • Training
    & Support

    What hurdles are blocking your path right now? How can you quickly overcome them and bring your organization up to speed?


  • Research
    & Consulting

    What opportunities are you overlooking? Where are the danger zones that potentially threaten your organization?


  • Campaign
    Launch & Management

    Getting started! Do you know where you’re going? Do you know where you want to take your organization?


Development & Deployment

Collaborative information platforms give you the tools to easily and efficiently connect, plan and organize with others, both inside and outside your organization.

For example, a local trade union shop might seek a stronger relationship with the contractors it works with. The goal could be to make it easy for contractors to choose your local, and make your workers indispensable to the contractor.

Training & Support

Deploying collaborative technology is only the first step. Achieving your goals means harnessing the power these tools offer, and using it effectively.

Organized Power crafts customized training programs for each of our clients. We stand ready to assist your organization with ongoing and comprehensive training, maintenance and technical support.

Research & Consulting

Open collaborative research is often associated with scientific organizations. It is also common practice among the social sciences, humanities, mathematics, engineering and medicine. It creates a platform on which individuals and organizations can come together and develop information and knowledge resources around common interests.

Organized Power provides you with the right technology platform for your collaborative research and development needs, and tailors it to your exact specifications.

Launch & Management

Legendary community organizer Ernesto Cortés, Jr. tells us that power comes “through two routes, organized people or organized money.” Even when budgets are tight, labor and community organizations can find plenty of people to organize. That’s good news; the people are where real power resides.

Whether you’re organizing to increase membership in your union, running a get out the vote drive or focused on a single ballot measure, success often depends on coordinating with others outside your organization. Organized Power delivers the tools you need to make it all happen.