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Movements thrive by expanding their communications, contacts and relationships.

Steven Colatrella

Relationships, Unity & Action

Organized Power seeks to build on the momentum created by the Occupy movement. Steven Colatrella (quoted above) reminds us that social “movements thrive by expanding their communications, contacts and relationships.” Relationships, unity and action matters.

At Organized Power, our mission is to deliver the technology and consulting services that help labor unions and community groups grow and thrive. We show how you can skillfully use wikis, social media and messaging to expand your communication, relationship building and organizing efforts.

Solidarity Matters

What Occupy and similar uprisings around the globe have shown us is that human solidarity matters. People power matters.

We the people have stated, loudly and clearly, that the our basic governing systems—economic, political and otherwise—do not work for the overwhelming majority of us. We cannot depend on our “leaders” to save us; it is up to all of us, working in solidarity from the grassroots, to bring about the kinds of fundamental changes we want.

In fact, ultimately the current status quo works for no one. Why? Reflect on the history of Easter Island for a moment. Easter Island’s human population dropped from many thousands to just a few dozen after a series of internal conflicts, human-caused ecological disasters, slave raids, epidemics and other calamities.

Time and again we bring about our own destruction with our same old “tricks”—war and other conflicts, exploitation of each other and our natural environment, famine and diseases, and other human-caused ailments. All too often, a deranged “leader” or a clique of corrupt ruling elites leads us into catastrophe. And just as often we stupidly and blindly follow.

Fast forward to now. Today we live on an increasingly fragile planet that is overburdened with seven billion human inhabitants. As Easter Island has shown us, we humans are quite capable of warring, raiding and otherwise despoiling ourselves right out of existence. Our habits and our mindsets have not changed since the days of the Easter Islanders, but our ability to destroy ourselves has made tremendous advances. But so has our ability to cooperate with each other.

Occupy Social Change

Ultimately the responsibility for bringing about progressive social change rests on our shoulders. Frederick Douglass informs us that “power concedes nothing without a demand.” Every gain won by working people has come only after great struggle.

Occupy Your Language

Occupy your language.

Language matters. Communicating effectively often means boiling an idea down to its essence. We show a handful of examples below to illustrate the point.

Revenue Enhancement
Tax unearned wealth.
Rebalance unbalanced income.
Where’s the money?
Follow the money. Get the money.
Brains not drones.
Those who can, teach;
those who can’t, buy politicians.
Social Equity
Shelter people, not taxes.
Foreclose banks, not people.
The system isn’t broken, it’s fixed.
Fair work, not warfare.
Corporate tycoons aren’t “job creators”;
working people are business creators.
Income Inequality
Level the paying field.
Real jobs, not fake “job creators.”
Con-job creators create no jobs.

Can We Do Better?

Most Americans are only dimly aware that previous generations of Americans demanded more than the meager economic scraps offered them by “leaders” in business and government.

Half of all Americans are just two paychecks away from living on the street.
Is this the best we can do?
Can we do better?
For the first time ever, half of all Americans think the American Dream is over.
Is this the best we can do?
Can we do better?
America is slipping behind the rest of the world in health, education and living standards.
Is this the best we can do?
Can we do better?
Millionaires and billionaires pay zero to 15% tax rates while up to half of working Americans’ income is siphoned off to pay all sorts of taxes.
Is this the best we can do?
Can we do better?
A handful of politicians and business executives make decisions that negatively affect millions of us.
Is this the best we can do?
Can we do better?