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Power is rooted in organizations.

The Four Networks Theory of Power: A Theoretical Home for Power Structure Research

A collaborative information platform is fundamentally different from a simple web page. A simple web page contains useful information. The collaborative information platform is a multi-dimensional, collaborative information and communications tool. The simple web page has a finite structure and is limited in scope. The collaborative information platform delivers unlimited possibility.

Collaborative Information Platforms & You

Do you have a job site you need to project manage? Have to get 100 workers to 10 different job sites in the next hour? Want to collaborate, communicate with other organizations who support workers, and working people’s rights, social and political agendas? Interested in setting up a virtual water-cooler where people can meet, interact and exchange ideas to gain cultural understanding?

Organized Power can help you do that!

Management & Organizational

  • project management
  • worker profiles
  • job assignments
  • gantt charts
  • materials lists
  • job site evaluations

Union Local Administration

  • contracts
  • member lists
  • bylaws
  • shop rules
  • job boards

Communication & Social Media

  • nnouncements
  • updates
  • news, sports, weather
  • book, film reviews
  • job assignments
  • enhanced connectivity

Outreach & Collaboration

  • relationships
  • coordinate activities
  • strengthen ties
  • make connections
  • build campaigns
  • organize communities
  • win political battles

Development & Training

    Worker development and training means building sense of confidence, competence and ability to accomplish tasks independently.

    Organized Power can help you manage
  • worker evaluations
  • employee development
  • product comparisons
  • tool evaluations
  • webinars
  • remote training
  • field management
  • safety
  • apprenticeship training
  • ongoing education

We know now that Government by organized money is just as dangerous as Government by organized mob.

Franklin D. Roosevelt

A Better Alternative—Organized People

Business as usual is finite and often inflexible. For working people, business as usual is no longer working. More and more working people are coming to the understanding that we can change business as usual. We can change it in ways that change everything for everyday working people, at a scale that is as large as we can think it. The possibilities are infinite. Its evolution never stops.